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Bail is an amount of money required for an accused person to be released from custody. The bail is deposited with the County Court in the form of cash or a surety bail bond. If you are arrested and charged with a crime, you may be required to post bail before the police will let you go. The bail is a form of insurance to guarantee that you'll appear in court for your trial. Contracting with Bustin Loose bail bonds is your quickest way of getting your loved one released from jail.

Almost every crime is a bailable offense, with exception to certain crimes, like capital crimes, for which the death penalty or life imprisonment may be asked.


The amount of bail you'll have to pay is pre-set by the court. The County Jail has a standard bail bond schedule for most crimes, but certain offenses require the defendant to appear in front of a judge before being allowed to be released, this applies mostly to Domestic Violence offenses and is referred to as the cooling off period. Other offenses require the defendant to petition the court to get a bail amount set.

If a judge sets your bail, the amount of bail you'll have to deposit if you are arrested, is based on several different considerations. The seriousness of your crime is a factor in determining the amount of bail, and so is your employment history and ties to the community. Also considered are your past criminal record, and whether or not you have hired an attorney to represent you. If you do hire an attorney, it is usually a good indication that you will appear in court to defend yourself against the charges brought against you and may or may not influence the court in their decision on bail.

The premium on a bail bond is ten percent of the face amount of the bond. Bustin Loose Bail Bonds serves as a surety, to insure to the court that you will appear when you are supposed to.  The fee you pay to the bail bonding company is not returned. It works in much the same way as an insurance policy premium.